Increasing Performance, Sustaining Gains

Project Management Essentials for Team Leads

MainStream GS' Project Management Essentials provides focused training for staff members who are not project managers, however, require the essential tools and knowledge of the project management process and best practices to support their ongoing participation and/or leadership in projects. MainStream GS' Project Management Essentials is a highly customizable program which we will tailor to your project needs and provide post-engagement follow-up with coaching and mentoring.

Our Project Management Essentials program will supply your organization's leaders with the skills necessary to efficiently and effectively fulfill the role of a team leader on large complex and mid-size projects. This program focuses on increasing performance and sustaining gains by building a foundation and strengthening a culture of project management discipline and best practices across your organization. In addition, this program will place emphasis on extending your project management principles with prescriptive guidance for project planning, tracking, and control.

Our Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Program Management team will draw on their deep expertise and experience in program management to teach your staff how to implement and create core concepts for initiating projects within your organization. In addition, your staff will learn skills to effectively identify task relationships, assign resources, fine-tune project schedules, communicate with project stakeholders, manage your team's progress, and manage project scope changes.

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