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U.S. Air Force – Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC)


Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) is responsible for developing and reviewing and delivering updated AFRC Maintenance Seasoning Training Plans (STP) once a year.  The goal of this project was to analyze/reduce total days and man hours developing and reviewing STPs, along with improving on time delivery of STPs.


MainStream conducted a process improvement event to analyze the review, development, and delivery of STPs.  A project was chartered and a team from multiple units was assembled to conduct the work. MainStream facilitated the Implementation Team in the 8-Step Problem Solving process of defining the problem, measuring the current state, analyzing the opportunities for improvement and waste elimination, implementing a new STP process, and creating Standard Work to control the new process. Waste analysis was conducted on the Current State Value Stream Map (VSM).  The team developed a Future State VSM that utilized a leveling plan for monthly STP reviews (not once a year), built a timeline for STP development of new Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC) from HAF roll out to distributing to field units, created standard template for STPs, identified Major Command (MAJCOM) and Field Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) roles and responsibilities, and standard tasks across each AFSC.  Training was provided to identify field SMEs for each AFSC. Process changes were incorporated during AFRC rewrite.


Total days to review and update 105 STPs within A4M decreased from 60 to 35 days, exceeding the target goal of 45 days.  Total hours developing STPs decreased 64.2%, 5,280 to 1,890 hours.  STPs reviewed and delivered on time to AFRC HQ/A1K improved from 85% to 100%.  Event was recommended for replication to all HQ STP owners by the AFRC Major General.

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